Happy Birthday!

30 05 2010

Happy Birthday blog…today you are officially 0 years old…YEAH!!!…

Well you might say…why a blog…why now?…I have been following a couple of blogs for the past years (most notably my sister’s and her boyfriend’s blogs…as well as a couple of others on and off). I was always interested in starting a blog (I think)…but I never felt the need…since well…who would read it…I talk to the people who matter nearly every day…so why would they want to read more about me…I talk enough I can tell you.

Well, I believe that I am currently at a turning point. I am ready to spread my wings. For the past two years, since I have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology, I have been doing my masters degree whilst working full time in the food manufacturing industry. However my masters is nearly finished…last few changes and the conclusion…and so I am looking for the next challenge…I hope that in the next few days I would be able to tell you more…

A bit more about me?…hmmm…I play softball and handball: though I am NOT a typically sporty person…most people who see me would not imagine I play any sport…but well…have been playing softball for around 6 years now and handball for 2…I enjoy it…have made a number of great friends along the way…and I cannot imagine my life without doing any sport. I also enjoy reading…that is my ultimate kick back and relax thing to do…give me a good book and put me in heaven :D. I used to enjoy playing the flute, recorder and piano…however these have now fallen by the wayside…although I do play a little now and again, particularly when a certain friend comes knocking…I still enjoy music…with quite an eclectic taste in music…from classical, to pop, to rock…well there is no one actual style I like…the music I listen to generally depends on my mood. I also love to travel…that is where most of my money goes to…particularly in the past 2 years since I finished my university degree, I can say that I have travelled quite a lot…generally to visit my sister or brother who live abroad, but have also managed to fit in a number of holidays in the mix. I have however always enjoyed travelling, and for quite some years I have travelled at least once a year…generally going to some youth workshop, exchange, seminar etc…whatever was on offer…there I was!

Finally after all these things…I try and fit in my boyfriend…he is a very patient man…and I am not writing this because he will read this post, since he has advised beforehand that if I want these posts to be read, they better be short hmmm…Luckily (or unluckily :S) we are both quite active people, who believe in the importance of alone time. We have been dating for nearly 5 years now…so we seem to have been doing something right.

Well…welcome to cecifeci and hope you have an enjoyable journey with me.




5 responses

30 05 2010

Welcome to the blogging world!

30 05 2010

the second paragraph was long

30 05 2010

i meant the fourth one.

30 05 2010

Noticed…but decided not to say anything haha…

thanks for your comments and for reading my post WIPPIE!

31 05 2010

Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂 Happy blogging – here’s a list of 10 tips for starting bloggers.

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