Spreading my wings…

1 06 2010

Yippie…finally it’s official…I will leave my current work place at the end of August to start my new adventure….Luckily it was not so hard to get released from work…I also told the people who matter (and 1 person who doesn’t really but hey…), and they all seem happy for me…hopefully not happy that I’m leaving and that they’re getting rid of me haha…

Well, not really certain where this adventure will take me…but pretty ready for it…Let’s see how it goes…I am waiting for a couple of things to settle…but currently the plan is to go to Germany in September and start working there…you would all be able to come and visit…YEAH!




6 responses

1 06 2010

Weee to the visiting!

2 06 2010

YAY! I still haven’t been to Germany after all, so another excuse to visit? please? 🙂

2 06 2010

YEAH…come visit whenever you want…however I will nowhere near Berlin…I’ll be towards the Southwest 😀

16 06 2010

i am NOT happy you’re leaving miss 😦 AND i have to reply to you email!! best of luck imsomma, we should meet some time soon eh, like we did last yr xxxx

17 06 2010

Wie schoen! Ich moechte gerne wieder nach Deutschland fahren and I think I’ll use any excuse to come back to Deutschland, I could definetely think of paying you a visit (and maybe necessarily improving my language skills)!

17 06 2010

You know you are always welcome…Luisa and Marilyn…u should be happy I am leaving Mar…u can come visit :D…yes we should meet up soon

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