My Masters…1 week (or so) on

14 06 2010

Dear faithful bloggers

Please excuse my delay in writing…it has been a whole weekend without a post…but please bear with me…well what has happened since last time?

My tutor replied with all the changes he thought were necessary…(the wait wait wait was of only 1 day to get the 1st half and by the 2nd day got the last 3 chapters…so I am well impressed…this is the tutor I know and love…he is back on track)…luckily I did not get so many changes…a couple of hours work, asking for some more papers and I was ready…so have I submitted yet?…no not yet…today I got the last paper from an author (who is also one of my lecturers), incorporated it into my dissertation, and have now printed a copy for my mum…she is currently re reading the whole writeup (148 pages in all)…to ensure that my grammar is correct…I LOVE MY MUMMY!

Then tomorrow Bernard will be over to check the presentation of my thesis…you know whether colours match (they should but anyway), placement of images, table etc. He is good at it…and at least if he will not read it all (I would need to pay big money to get him to do that) he will go over it and see to what he is good at.




One response

14 06 2010

Yeay to mummy 🙂

And GL for the last few days 🙂

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