Babies and their projectiles

15 06 2010

So I told you all about my masters…but what did I do this weekend?

Saturday saw around 100 people from the operations and technical departments at the company I am currently working at going to Gozo for the day…I had spent the previous day uncertain about whether to go, since I had just spent 3 days off work sick…however after some encouragement from my workmates, Saturday morning off I went to meet up with them…you might ask how do the projectiles come into the picture?…Well,Clarissa, Ruth and Myself…the 3 ladies working in my area…decided to go shopping at Arkadia (it is owned by the same parent company as that I work in)…there we were met by Adrian (Clarissa’s partner), Zachary (Clarissa’s baby…he is around 4 months old) and Clarissa’s parents…it was the second time I saw him…he is soooo cute…Well, I decided I wanted to hold him so he ‘sat’ on my lap and I stroked his tummy and at the same time asked whether he is ticklish…what did Zach decide to do?…up came the milk onto my hand and trousers :(…well I guess he answered my question.

Apart from this one experience (my first in relation to baby projectiles…except for those I had done myself when I was myself a baby), it was definitely a great day out…I was absolutely knackered once I arrived home.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed…still enjoyed my time and was ready to go back to work on Monday!




One response

7 10 2010

So honoured baby Zach features in your blog!!! He sends you a big kiss (and a little projectile vomit :))

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