19 06 2010


Why might you say I am so frustrated? Well this morning I should have gone to print my thesis YEAH! To submit it next Monday. All I had to do is print as pdf the black and white and colour pages separately and I’m ready to go. Unfortunately this morning whilst I was listing the number of pages in colour I noticed that in one graph I had a spelling mistake in one of the graphs. Unfortunately I cannot fix this image…cos I need photoshop which I do not have!…Bernard’s license has now finished…so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…probably I have to wiat till Monday…although Bernard will try and do it for me today…will see…but I oh so wanted to print everything today to have everything ready. Well what can I do. Wait and see!





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19 06 2010

You forgot that you have a most brilliant, extraordinarily wonderful sister 😛

19 06 2010
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