International Committees et al

19 06 2010

Update from this morning’s post…today was certainly a day full of trials and tribulations aaaaaaaaaaaa is the correct feeling.

Bernard did not manage to do it for me because he could not find Photoshop :(…therefore I tried to use every programme I found on my PC…but to no avail…after about an hour of trying my sister popped up on MSN and I said…what the heck let me ask her…she told me that she does have access to Photoshop through her Uni’s remote access…I tried to enter but it was soooooooo slow…so she enlisted her boyfriend (who at the time was still in bed)….and the international committee was set up… After numerous trials (by himself and myself on her Uni’s remote access thingy…because by then I managed to enter…but I had not used Photoshop in ages) he managed to get the right picture…YIPPIE..Phase 1 over…all that remains was that I separate the pages into colour and black and white sheets to make it easier at the printer’s…Or so you think…

Just as I started, the door bell rang. It was a guy from the electricity company. At the moment they are going round houses in Malta to replace the electricity meter reader into smart readers so that they would be able to take the reading without actually visiting the house. My mum said OK. Just as he was going to start I heard a shout…she remembered 1 IMP detail…to replace the meter he has to switch off all electricity. I told him to wait 5 mins and luckily he said OK. Problem averted.

He left and we made our way to the printer’s (about  20 minutes away by car). As soon as we arrived I said…I am sure I never copied the folder with my thesis sections onto the USB stick. But well we where there and told him to try anyway. Unfortunately I was right. So we had to make the trip back home to copy everything onto the USB stick and go back, where we managed to finish everything (I would like to thank them for staying open for a further 15 minutes to finish everything off).

So now I am the happy owner of 3 soft bound copies of my master’s dissertation…next week I will hopefully submit 😀 More updates about the remainder of the weekend later on…me off to bed…good night…Tata

PS: Congrats Michael…your help this morning has resulted in good karma coming back in the form of Denmark’s win….GOOOOOOOO DENMARK!




One response

20 06 2010

WEEEE – Congrats 🙂
Thesis ready.
Now I’m next…grrrr!

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