21 06 2010

Woke up this morning…absolutely knackered…Yesterday was a long day…celebrating the printing of my thesis in STYLE!…So what was on the agenda? First up swimming…it was my first swim of the year…we went to Fra Ben since Bernard had a dive in the morning (he has just finished his Advanced Open Water Padi certification and is now hooked…going diving around twice a week every week and buying all the equipment necessary haha). He went diving with my cousin (who was his instructor) and yesterday was a try dive for two of his cousins. The water was a freezing (by my standards) 22 deg C…so it took some time till we became immersed and we did not spend more than 45 minutes in the sea. Then we dried up and off we went to find a place to eat.

Plan was to eat at Qawra…but we did not find a restaurant to our liking. So we started driving up to Mellieha where our next stop was looking for restaurants on the way. Albeit to no avail. So we parked at the Mellieha football ground and left on foot to search for something to eat. And yum yum…the food and the atmosphere was positively great. We were outside (but in the shade) so we had a feeling of the good life.

Afterwards off we went to the Mellieha football ground where we had some softball games as part of the Mellieha Northenders end of the year ‘celebrations’. We had 2 games…one was a female softball game (we won 14-2 YIPPIE)…then we had a Co-Ed fun game…no idea how we did but the other won booooooo hoooooooo. After that we were supposed to stay for the BBQ…but we were too tired…and I did not want to contemplate driving down to the other side of the island in the middle of the night…So off we went to Bernard’s house for a quick wash and change and we left for the Valletta Waterfront, where we had something small to drink with friends whilst watching the Brazil-Ivory Coast Game.

Then I arrived home late, sunburnt, knackered but HAPPY!

Have a good week. I’m off to work!





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21 06 2010

Sunburnt! Weeee :). Send some tan over here pws!

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