I Can See…

29 06 2010

…the wood of my computer desk…and it is breathing a sigh of definite relief…after spending the last couple of years hidden underneath piles of papers/documents and the such (bar a couple of weeks/days here and there where my mum insisted I give a clear out…but not in the past few months for sure), the wood of our computer desk can finally see the light of day. When I am working on an assignment…BSc thesis…MSc thesis…other reports, I tend to keep everything in piles…I do not want to throw away anything and I need everything next to me (even if I know I will never look at them again). Since I have now submitted my masters (YIPPIE!), and today is a feast in Malta, yesterday I placed everything in two piles…things to file etc (around 1%…since most of things I needed to file etc were already filed etc) and things to throw away/use as rough paper. This morning I decided to separate the throw away/rough paper pile and that job is now ready :D.

Hopefully the desk can remain somewhat clean for the next couple of months or so…although it is already picking up papers again…since next Friday I should have a PhD telephone interview, so I have some papers to read up on to prepare myself…wish me the best of luck…I hope all goes well…maybe plans would change again (A) …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




2 responses

29 06 2010

Hehe – I don’t have much hope that the wood would be able to breathe for too long 😛

29 06 2010

😦 not nice sis…you should always show support 😛

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