The way I roll

2 07 2010

Good morning, today I am off work WIPPIE. I have taken yesterday afternoon and all day today as leave. And this weekend…I am off to my aunt’s place at Ghadira to hopefully relax, swim and enjoy myself with my mum and brother (who came over for two weeks). So why am I still here if I am off work. Well, I have already stated previously that I have given in my notice at work. Although I have a job lined up, I am still searching in this time to perhaps get something better. Yesterday I had a job interview (very strange…the moment I arrived home I got another phone call from them asking me to go back for my second interview…so it seems that I did well WIPPIE…now I will see whether I hear from them). Then today I have a telephone interview for a PhD position. This is what I am really excited about. I had another interview for a PhD position earlier on this week, which the supervisor informed me I got it. However I am still waiting for official confirmation. Now we will see how today’s interview goes and then I will hopefully hear from yesterday’s interview, and then I will have a decision to make…aaaaaaaaa…Although I HATE decision-making whenever it has anything to do with my life…(strangely in my work and studies I do not find such problems)…I am still happy…because they all sound, look exciting…Pray for me and hope for the best.




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