Busy Days

6 07 2010

This week has started out as being quite busy in the evenings…but enjoyed both days immensely. Yesterday, my BSc course mates and I held a reunion, where we went out for dinner together. I really enjoyed meeting up with people I have not seen in some months, and catching up. Everyone seems to be doing really interesting things…and lots of plans seem to be in the making…all of us BScs seem to have no quiet bones πŸ˜€ Oh and I cannot complain about the pumpkin ravioli I had hihi…too bad I did not have time for dessert…I wanted the apple pie…but no space 😦

Then today, after work, I went over to Clarissa’s house. She is a work mate of mine, who had a baby a couple of months ago. We have been planning to meet some time after work for ages…but plans have always had to be scrapped for some reason or other…so today after work me and Bernard went over to her place. Baby Zach is really cute…I gave her a present for Zach…it is soo cute if I may say so myself…It is a sort of measure for the baby’s length which you hang on the wall…and then you have a snail with a magnet, which you place wherever the baby’s height has reached. Then her partner, Adrian came over after work…he works at the same company so I know him quite well…and we spent a couple of hours chatting away…it is really nice to meet up with people from work in different circumstances…even if we end up talking about work…but hey…we enjoyed ourselves




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