I am Right…

9 07 2010

For the past years (ever since I remember), my sister and I have always been against my mum using the sponge to clean/wash plates. Lately my bro’s gf has lovingly given us a sort of brush…and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  Why are we so against the sponge? Well I always believed that the sponge harbours too many bacteria…so you end up dirtying not cleaning the plates…my mum always shut us up. However…today as I went to the kitchen to have a drink I saw my mum and bro watching Mythbusters…see the teaser below

What were the findings?…aaaaaaaaaaa They could not make me happier…the kitchen sponge has overwhelmingly the MOST bacteria on it…it has many more than a light switch, key board, mobile phone and even a TOILET SEAT!…ha there you have it mum!…not that she will pay any attention…but oh well!




4 responses

9 07 2010

Thanks for posting the evidence! For ever grateful for this 😉

9 07 2010

I am eternally grateful for seeing this too!

10 07 2010

you’re hilarious!!!

10 07 2010

Glad to see someone thinks so 😀

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