The Heat is ON!

14 07 2010

…Definitely on!…Lately, temperatures in Malta have gone up considerably, reaching levels which make it uncomfortable for anyone…air temperatures are reaching 35 Degrees C, with night temperatures at 24 deg C minimum…This makes me feel absolutely lethargic. After work all I feel like doing is a whole lot of NOTHING! I am only glad that I managed to submit my master’s thesis in time, because I would not have felt like working in this heat. At the moment I have been planning to research some articles related to my upcoming PhD…however I cannot seem to concentrate aaaaaaaaaaa…

I know that most of you in Europe are feeling the heat too…but I guess in Malta it is certainly much more unbearable 😦 In 2 weeks’ time I will be in Dublin , and I hope that it will be slightly cooler there 😀




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