Pixy goes SWIMMING!

22 07 2010

Today, after work I rushed back home changed into my swim suit, went to Bernard’s and off we left to Marsascala. It was Pixy d Pixx’s first time swimming in Malta (yesterday I also went swimming at Ghar Lapsi, whilst Bernard and my cousin were diving, however we did not take Pixy with us). Here is a photo of me and Pixy in the sea.

Pixy and Me at Marsascala

I am finding it to be a great thing to be able to go swimming for an hour or so after work. The weather is such that you do not feel like doing anything. So like this you get to cool off, and then arrive home when the sun has gone down and it is not so hot after all 😀 This is the first time in ever I think that I have gone swimming after work since I finished my degree course. The first summer, Bernard was away for 6 weeks on an internship, last year at this time I was going to Uni nearly every day to work on my master’s analysis. So this year it feels great to be able to relax after work :D. Although I believe that once the PhD starts (or even after next week when I visit Dublin), the work starts again 😀



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22 07 2010

Yeps…You should enjoy the ‘after work relaxation’ before you start your PhD :). Though I do get to relax after uni, your mind still often keeps on whirring a bit too much!

22 07 2010

I know the feeling…I have it whenever I am studying anything (BSc, MSc and now, no doubt PhD)

2 08 2010
Weekend BBQs | My Commentary…

[…] swimming early evening (at 6:30pm) at Wied il-Ghajn (Marsascala), where we had been swimming previously. I like swimming here…especially as not too many people are generally there. There we were […]

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