Weekend nearly over!

25 07 2010

Sunday evening, and another weekend is over! Not much happened. Saturday evening, however I went to an International Evening organised as part of the FIMCAP, Eurocamp 2010 (AMASS), held in Malta, and hosted by ZAK Malta. I was very active in ZAK a couple of years back, and I have fond memories of my time there. Bernard is still active, and hence he was invited (with me in tow) to the International Evening. This evening basically consists of people from the different countries sharing typical foods of their countries, followed by a presentation (play or song) typical of the country. It was a great evening overall. I met a couple of my ZAK friends, many of which are Bernard and my friends away from ZAK too and rekindled nostalgia for my ZAK years. ZAK brings great memories to me…live ins, exchanges, camps etc etc.

Today I went to eat at my aunts’ house for lunch. This week, Zurrieq (my home town) celebrates one of its 2 local feasts, known as Tal-Karmnu (Our Lady of Mount Carmel). I enjoy feasts, but never really go to any. I know is sounds contradictory but it is true. Especially since the number of close friends in Zurrieq is quite low, I tend to skip the Zurrieq feasts. After lunch, I went to Bernard’s house, and after some rest, we went swimming together with his parents, 2 of his aunts, a cousin and PIXY THE PIXX. We went to Fra Ben at Qawra. Reason being that this weekend very strong winds are blowing over Malta (Force 7). This bay is sheltered from these Northwesterly winds and therefore we could enjoy a swim.

Now I am back home, I started packing for my trip to Dublin tomorrow, and soon will be off to sleep. Cannot wait to go! I will be visiting the University I should hopefully start my PhD in next year, meet my supervisor etc etc. I hope everything turns out fine. quite a bit stressed at the moment (Not too stressed. More excited I think).

Good night





One response

25 07 2010

Pixy the Pixx met Bernard’s aunts??? How cute 😛 She’s becoming part of the family 😛

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