Dublin Bublin Day 3: Uni Visit

31 07 2010

On day 3 of our visit, came the main reason for our visit to Dublin. After Breakfast we caught the bus to get to DCU (Dublin City University), the place that will hopefully be home for the next 3 years.

We managed to make our way all right, and managed to stop at the right bus stop aaaaaaa…the buses in Dublin are similar to those in Malta, whereby the stops do not have names which are announced. Therefore you have to rely on the driver’s and other passenger’s help.

We reached the reception area, where I had to meet my supervisor and my mum left. She was not coming for the meeting obviously enough. Instead she walked around the Uni, and read a book :D.

On meeting my supervisor, she proceeded to take me on a mini tour. However I informed her that I had organised one myself later on in the day, and therefore we could proceed with our actual job! We went to her office, finalised my application to the University (I have been accepted to th programme, but I still have not been accepted to the University, although this is (hopefully) just a formality).

She showed me where I might have an office (it will be shared, but I am still excited at the prospect, as all other students generally do not get office space…just a desk in the lab…however since I will be registered in two different schools/faculties…I can have the privilege of having office space…hopefully).

We then went for a coffee, where I met my second Supervisor and another person involved in the project. It was funny that my supervisor and the other guy, who have known each other for some years now, realised they have sisters living in London very close to each other (they use the same corner baker and tube stop), and children the same age…therefore they are likely to know each other…I will hopefully find out sometime :D. I enjoyed the informal chat 😀

After coffee, we went to the NCSR where me and my supervisor were given a tour of the site by the centre manager. I will be doing some lab work in the centre, and therefore I was excited to see where I will be working. In addition, the centre is doing some very impressive research, and I was happy to learn about what they do.

After this, we went to the lab (in another building…since I will be working in two labs…this lab is the sort of student lab, where I will be doing most of the preparations etc), and we met three other PhD students and a Post Doc who are working there, and I will probably spend a lot of time with them. They showed me what they are doing and we all left for lunch. My second supervisor and the other guy also joined use there.

I really enjoyed talking to the students who were really nice, and ready to answer questions weeeeeee. After lunch we all went for a walk around the park (except for two students who had to go back to see to their experiments). It is a really nice park just next to DCU. I hope I get to go walking there sometime :D.

After this, it was time for my campus tour. So we left to my meeting for the campus tour. At this point I spotted my mum, and I introduced her to my supervisors. They left and I went on the campus tour. It was really nice that they took the time out to spend time with me, and that the guy who was doing the campus tour, did so just for me.

On he campus tour, we visited the library, the sports centre (WOOOW),  and the Uni accommodation. I really hope to get accommodation at the DCU campus accommodation. I have to wait and see :(. After this the campus tour ended. Me and mum walked a bit round the area and saw some apartments, and left to go back to the city.

I changed into something more comfortable, and back out we went. Had something to eat, went round some shops for the last time, went next to the river, and then back home to sleep. We packed and got ready to sleep our last night.

The next morning, at 4:45am the alarm clock rang (actually at 3:45 am since my mum did the wrong alarm clock time…and then I could not sleep till 4:45am) and we went to catch the bus to take us to the airport, and our adventure was over :(.




3 responses

31 07 2010

Did you tell them you have a sister in London too? 😛
Weee – it sounds nice…can’t wait to come visit 😛

31 07 2010

Yes I told them that 😛

Cannot wait to have you come visit too 😀

31 07 2010
Dublin Bublin Day 3: Uni Visit | My Commentary… club university

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