Wintermoods Concert

31 07 2010

Yesterday was a hectic day for me…after work me and Bernard had 4 options to choose from:

1. Go to a Wintermoods Concert

2. Go to a Wedding for a guy from work

3. Go to a BBQ organised by Bernard’s cousins

4. Go to a BBQ (Bernard only) organised by Bernard’s work

The Wintermoods concert had to be last Wednesday. In fact I had given my ticket to another person since I was to be in Dublin then. However they then changed the date due to some issues to Friday, and I could make it again. Luckily for me the girl I had given my ticket to was going abroad yesterday morning, and therefore she gave me back my ticket WIPPIE!!

Yesterday me, Bernard and a couple of friends therefore made our way to Valletta. We first went to Cafe Jubilee, where I ate some lovely pasta (Pasta Jubilee :D) and a divine apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. After this we made our way to il-fosos at Floriana, where we heard some of the Best (probably the best) music in Malta.

You can see the video for their latest single below.

I really enjoyed myself. The song Sarah where a young boy played the guitar and the song Malta wisq sabiha (Malta too beautiful) were my particular favourites.

I also met some of my friends, Karl, Dorothy and Samaria (Dorothy also sang in a choir as part of the concert) whom I had not seen in some time. Even though I was very tired, and a bit cranky yesterday (2 days ago I bumped into a door knob, yesterday I bumped into a column, so am feeling quite bruised, and my ankle was hurting yesterday), I still enjoyed myself a lot 😀

Wintermoods…next concert here I come!




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