Denmark here I come!

2 08 2010

Or here I leave actually :D…My mum had bought tickets to go to Denmark to meet my sister and her boyfriend at his parent’s house followed by some time in Copenhagen. I did not buy the tickets before hand since I did not know the details of my PhD..

However I had bought the ticket Malta-Billund tickets some time ago since there were ‘relatively’ cheap Ryanair tickets some time after my mum bought them. However since I am coming back through Copenhagen, I was hoping to wait. My mum bought tickets with Norwegian Air. However by the time I went to buy them, they had skyrocketed in price…surprisingly the August tickets are MUCH CHEAPER than the September tickets…something I cannot understand. I was hoping that once August starts, the September tickets go down again…but to no avail. Therefore today I bought my ticket to come to Malta…however I will be flying AirMalta through Munich…it will take longer…but it is around 100Eur cheaper…so who cares…and I only have a 1.5hour difference between 1 flight and the next…so not much waiting 😀 WEEEEE…in addition it will not be a low cost airline…so I could more easily bring the laptop I should hopefully soon buy!

DENMARK!!…here I come!




4 responses

2 08 2010

WEEE! She’s coming as well!
Hope the weather will be nice :-/

2 08 2010

Hope so too…JAQBILLU!!

4 08 2010
Denmark here I come! | My Commentary… | Denmark Cares

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29 08 2010
Packing ready…and Ready to go! | My Commentary…

[…] Packing ready…and Ready to go! Posted on August 29, 2010 by ceciliafenech Well…the latest spat of illnesses will not put me down…I have just had a good sleep, and woke up to pack for tomorrow’s flight to Billund …now packing is ready and all I can do is wait…tomorrow morning we have a 6:30am flight. Bernard is lovingly coming over for me and mum somewhere around 5:15am so that we make our way to the airport…I might not blog as much in the coming week…will see depending upon PC and internet access. We will be staying at my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house for the first few days. Then Wednesday we will make our way to Copenhagen, until Saturday, when we fly back (separate flights…cos mum bought the flight tickets before me and it was too expensive to come back with Norwegian Air, so I bought Air Malta tickets, meaning I have a stop over at Munich (only 1.5hours so quite OK))…have blogged about this when I bought the tickets here. […]

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