Weekend BBQs

2 08 2010

Well, it is summer in Malta…so what to do in the weekends? There can only be one answer…swimming and BBQs! This weekend me and Bernard had one every day.

Saturday saw us going swimming early evening (at 6:30pm) at Wied il-Ghajn (Marsascala), where we had been swimming previously. I like swimming here…especially as not too many people are generally there. There we were joined with Julian and Christine. These are two of our friends who are getting married in a year’s time. Julian was at uni with Bernard, and we know both through ZAK…we always plan to meet up, but sometimes not successfully unfortunately :(.

After swimming, we chatted a bit and started cooking…we had Maltese sausage on the BBQ as starter, followed by Caribbean chicken kebabs (prepared lovingly by Bernard) for me and Bee and Marinated chicken for Julian and Christine. However we shared out food so we got to taste everything 😀 Then for dessert mmmmmmmm…Marshmallows on BBQ weeeeee.

Apart from the eating, we really enjoy being in each other’s company…talking about everything and everyone and discussing things…we are now planning to go to Gozo for 2 days sometime in September (11-12 September supposedly :D)…looking forward to that!

Sunday afternoon we had another swim again at Marsascala but this time starting earlier, at around 4pm for me and Bernard, since the others were at the seaside since 10am. This was followed by a BBQ with some other friends from ZAK…Carina, Chris and Bernard (another Bernard hihi)…this was slightly unplanned so all we had were sausages and 1 burger between us both…and the remaining marshmallows from the day before…we were still stuffed 😀 We again enjoyed ourselves…how can you not…and made some plans hopefully for next weekend…but will tell you later if it happens! WEEEEE

PS: some bad news…Pixy the Pixx came swimming with us on both days. Sunday however she started dying…since she is slowly now losing air…however me and Bernard promise we will do our best to keep her alive…We love u Pixy!




3 responses

2 08 2010

I love you to Pixy! Don’t die 😦

2 08 2010

One by one
Only the Good die young
They’re only flying too close to the sun
And life goes on –
Without you…

2 08 2010

Thank you for the support you are showing in this time of need…she is still hanging on showing she is a true fighter

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