Dublin here I come!

4 08 2010

Today it can be considered that I am fully geared to go to Dublin to start my studies (although I am still waiting for official acceptance of my University application, that I sent last week. However today I received this back:

We have received your application, however, my colleague who assesses these applications is currently on leave and will return next Monday, 9th August.  No assessments will be done until she has returned so unfortunately I cannot give you a date as to when you will hear back from us.

We will write to you when we receive a decision on your application from your Supervisor, your DCU student ID number will be included in this letter. 

I am sure (hope?!?) that my supervisor agrees…she should at least…and therefore today after work I have:

1. Paid my deposit for accommodation (I think I actually paid it twice…but I have phoned the bank, and will see what happened)

2. Bought my flight ticket to Dublin. I should be flying out Thursday 30th September. I start Uni on the 1st of October WEEE. it is with Ryanair…cost 82Eur…and I still have to buy luggage :S

I have also taken away my applications for the other two posts for which I have been called for interview at the end of August/beg of September. I have just heard that I haven’t talked about these…well when I came back from Dublin I found 2 emails in my inbox  from two different Universities calling me for a PhD interview…Well I think that this is the post which suits me most and the fact that it pays most does not hurt 😀

I am off to eat! Tata




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