Tired :(

4 08 2010

At the moment I can barely keep my eyes open…and in fact after having just arrived home from work I feel like just laying down to sleep. What’s the reason for this you might ask? Well, yesterday I went to a roof top BBQ at a friend of the family’s house (Mary Rose). It was a small gathering of around 15people…mainly M’Rose’s husband, children and gfs, her brother and family, her mum/dad and an uncle, my mum, Bernard and myself.

We arrived there at about 8:30pm, and had some appetizers whilst playing JENGA!…which I won each time, thanks to Jean Paul being the person next in line after me 😀 Then we went onto the big table to eat…MMMM. It was an enjoyable evening with a breeze blowing, the Lija Fireworks in the vicinity (close enough to see…but far away enough to not be bothered by the noise) and a nice company.

However we only left there at about midnight (at 11:45…when we decided to leave, mum remembered that she had to check something she had sent MRose’s son by email…to see if he received it well…GRRRRR. This meant that I slept at about 1am…and then although my alarm clock was at 7:20am (normally it is at 7am…but I moved it to later…since I knew that I would be tired…but Alas…at 6:30am I wove up…5.5hours of sleep is NOT ENOUGH for me L

However I’ve got things to do…will tell you soon :D…and hopefully off to sleep soon!




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4 08 2010

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