2 Weeks to GO!

13 08 2010

WEEEEEEEE…in 2 weeks’ time I’ll be officially off work :D…I have given my notice about 2.5months ago…and now I am ready to leave…my replacement has been employed, and he is now taking over most of the roles, with me just being available to help him out if he gets stuck etc…I should also be training my manager into what my role is. I had given him all the training more than a year ago when he starting working at the company…however he never paid much attention to whatever I said. Consequently he never had a clue as to what I was doing and never even bothered to give me any support whatsoever.

Now I can see that he is worried that the new guy will know more than him. Therefore I should be training him…but as with anything with this guy the time and date never comes…Last week it was next week we will start…mon he said Tues…and so on and on and on…Consequently it is Friday today and I have not given him any training…any time I tell him whenever shall we do this…it is always…give me some time…and with anything I have ever needed support during our time together the time never comes…he is always very ‘busy’…I cannot understand doing what…but anyways…

So how am I occupying my last days (weeks) of work?…Well…next week we have a fundraising activity for the Malta Community Chest Fund and I have been helping out wherever I can..have finished most of the new guy’s training (so now I am letting him do all the work, whilst I sort of supervise to ensure that he is doing everything right)…and doing some document shredding to help out another girl at work…

Two weeks to go…then 1 week in Denmark…3.5 weeks at home lazing about (and hopefully doing my master’s Viva)…then DUBLIN!…some things might also come into play to fill in those empty 3.5 weeks…we will see 😀




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