Good morning!

13 08 2010

Good morning to everyone…have not blogged in some days…it is not because nothing has happened…but nothing seemed to merit a post (especially after someone said that I blog about every little thing :(…I have been on a boat trip with Bernard and a couple friend of ours (Julian and Christine)…it was the first time Bernard took the boat out by himself, without his father…we really enjoyed it and had a good afternoon trip out of it (especially since I got to get off work early)…everything went well..e.xcept that on the way back, one of the screws stopped working…but since it has 2 it was not much of a problem and we managed to arrive back home in time to go for the meal at our aunt’s house (My brother is in Malta to attend a work related course and they invited us over for dinner :D).

Wednesday was an afternoon of lazing about…weeeeeeeeee…some days I really need this…so could not complain much 😀

Yesterday, after work I went to visit my poor, sick, baby. I also got to meet Bernard’s brother’s girlfriend’s parents (I know it complicated but you will get it), who were invited to their house for the first time…As usual…Bee’s brother keeps amazing me further and further and further :D…oh and Bee’s sister came back from a holiday in Slovenia and she bought me 2 really cute T-shirts (need to lose a teeny-weeny bit of weight for them to fit perfectly…but they are OK overall…and they are really nice :D)




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