Roof BBQ

15 08 2010

Yesterday was the day the Comino Group (+ additions: Julian, Bernard, Therese and Nicolai) came over to my house for a roof BBQ, whilst also watching the Santa Marija feast fireworks at Mqabba and Qrendi, which can be easily seen from our roof top. The Mqabba fireworks team is renowned as being one of the best in Malta and abroad. They have won several competitions here in Malta and abroad. Below you could see an entry to the Maltese fireworks festival a few years ago. More videos and photos are available on their website:

Well Bernard came over at around 5pm with the food we had bought the day before…we started preparing the food, went to 6pm mass at the Nigret chapel and came back to continue preparing food. This was the menu:

Starters: Tortillas, Crips, Tuna Dip, Blue Cheese dip, Gallett

Appetizers: Garlic bread (made from home-made garlic butter courtesy of ME!), Maltese sausage on BBQ

Main Course: Chicken kebab, Pork kebab, wudy cheese sausages, Lidl wurstel sausages, Potato Salad, Couscous Salad

Desert: Chocolate Cake, Ice cream (walnut, vanilla or chocolate), apple fondant, fruit kebabs

I think that is all…we had (as usual) too much food, and have remaining food in the fridge at home…even though we went from 10 people to 11 people at the last moment, and my mum ate a bit too…we still had too much food haha…nothing new here.

They were supposed to be here at 8pm…but (as with all Maltese gatherings) they arrived here at about 9pm)…it was a good thing…cos we only finished preparing the food and everything at about 8:45pm haha). All in all, we had a great time, we chatted, we laughed (too hard sometimes…some people were going to have a heart attack I think), made too much noise, and had an enjoyable evening (although we did not really look at any fireworks much haha).

Would like to say a special thank you to Bernard and Chris for helping out in the cooking etc. At about 12:30am…they decided to leave (they were going to Paceville from my house hihi)…So everyone helped take the things down…well not everyone…some people conveniently needed to use the bathroom at this point…well what can you expect…Bernard changed to his going out clothes and they left. Then I spent some time washing the plates etc (did not take long), and stayed reading in bed!

Hopefully today we go swimming together WEEEEEEEEEEEE!




2 responses

17 08 2010

Lija fireworks are better. Fact.

17 08 2010

POssibly yes 😛

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