Hospital Visit

17 08 2010

This morning I had a hospital visit, to meet the doctor after having had a couple of blood tests a few weeks ago as part of my yearly check up. I was supposed to be at hospital at 10:45am, so at 10am, mum came for me at work, and off we left. As soon as we arrived, the waiting room area was full, we gave our appointment letter to the reception and started to wait (and wait…and wait)…Apparently the doctor was running late…at 10:45am, she was still seeing the 9am appointment people. But well anyways…what could we do. I settled in with my book, and started reading.

What amazed me during my wait is the number of people complaining…and complaining…and complaining to the receptionists. Well, yes…it is not nice to wait 2 hours for your appointment. But then everyone expects the doctor to spend a lot of time going over their problems. And after all…what could the receptionist do…go and tell the doctor to hurry up?…skip people in the queue just because some person complained? Yes the doctor left in the middle of the time I was there (presumably to take her daughter somewhere, because she left with a girl in tow, and came back without her) and spent an hour away…however there was another doctor taking over…I would always prefer for my doctor to see me…but things happen, and I try to be patient with such people, who I know are really busy and always try to help out.

Well, from my 10:45am appointment, I went in at around 1:15pm. The doctor saw me and checked me over. It seems that everything is fine…I just need to lose some weight she said…haha…I knew she would say that. When I told her that I will be away from Malta for 3 years to follow my PhD she then sent me to get and ECG done in order to have a complete check-up. So off I went to get my ECG, then went back down to her office and she checked that…saw that everything was fine and sent me on my way…with a warning to lose weight.

I now should be back in around 6 months to check my thyroid (it was one of the parameters which are out of limit…but she told me not to worry and to just recheck it in 6 months time…so we will wait and see)…she told me I should try to lose 1kg a month till that time hihi…The plan is to start going to the gym in Dublin…will wait and see hihi 😀




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