Cousin Meeting!

20 08 2010

Back home after around 35 hours away…Feeling tired…but soon off again haha… Yesterday, the doctor gave me some antibiotics, and allowed me to go to work. After work, I met up with my Cousin Rachel and her bf Fraser. They live in the UK, but they came over for around 10 days so that Rachel can show Fraser the beauty of Malta 😀

I had asked them to come to the Valletta Bus Terminus at about 5:15pm. So after work I left to Valletta and I immediately spotted them…WEEEE…Rachel looks really good (Really loved her hairstyle haha). We then left immediately (I was parked in a taxi stand :S) and collected Bernard from his house. We then went to Birgu and walked along the marina. Did not really enjoy this part. Probably cos it was hot hihi…but enjoyed chatting along with them (although not Bernard I think cos he could not understand their accent :D).

Birgu Waterfront

Birgu Waterfront

We then took Bernard back home cos he had a meeting for the summer camp he is helping to organise next week, and I took them to Mosta. Whilst chatting I had gotten to know that they tried to go to the Mosta Church to see the bomb, but found it closed :S. At around 6:30pm, I figured it would be open cos of evening mass. It was in fact open, but we could not go to the bomb cos it is in the back part of the church. Oh Well…no probs.

Mosta Church Bomb: This is a bomb which fell on the church during World War II in the middle of mass celebration. But it did not explode, and therefore no one died :D

Mosta Church Bomb: This is a bomb which fell on the church during World War II in the middle of mass celebration. But it did not explode, and therefore no one died 😀

We left Mosta and made our way to Mdina. But first things first…we stopped at Il-Veduta to eat. I really liked this place (have been there I think twice before…the restaurant is overlooking Half of Malta, and we stayed outside looking at the view). We ordered our food…yummy yum…I had farfelle with spinach and blue cheese, Rachel had Penne with Sun dried tomatoes etc and Fraser had Pizza Margherita. The food was really good (but we had too much of it…It always happens to me that I plan to take a starter portion, but then order a full portion and it is too much :S). Really enjoyed this part…we chatted and gossiped…WEEEEEEEEE.

 By the time we ate, chatted enough and paid etc, the sun was setting, and we walked into Mdina. I LOOOVE Mdina…if I am ever rich and can buy a house there I think that is what I would do :D…We walked through the narrow roads and felt as if we were back in time (and got lost once or twice hihi). We then went to see the view from the Mdina Bastions, and the proceeded to make our way back to the car.

Mdina aerial View

Mdina aerial View

I drove them to their place at Mellieha. It was by now 9:30pm, and I did not feel like driving all the way to Zurrieq (around 45mins away). I had thought of this before, and had called my aunt who lives in Mellieha to ask whether I could sleep over (I have been there before…read all about it here)…she obviously said yes, so I had everything prepared to stay there. So after dropping them off, I went to aunts house, had a shower and settled down to read a bit and sleep. Then this morning I left Mellieha, took my aunt to work (she usually goes buy bus) and then went on to my work…WEEEEEEE…Hopefully I get to meet my cousin again soon 😀




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