Give…Kamp Sajf

25 08 2010

So…what have I been up to lately? Well, last weekend we had the GIVE campaign at work. This consisted of a weekend of activities at the factory, in order to collect money for the Malta Community Chest Fund. This saw the whole company mobilised over the weekend to give a helping hand…from cash points, to tour guides, to donation seekers, to marketing etc etc. It was a truly nice experience, and I hope it will not be the last time it will be held. This was the first time and although I think there is much to improve, it will certainly keep improving year after year.

At the moment, Bernard is also spending the week at the ZAK Kamp Sajf i.e. summer camp. He left last Saturday, and after all the different age groups have visited etc, he will be exhausted but happy next Sunday I hope. I have been visiting after work etc to help out. He is responsible for the cooking, so I generally go help out there. This is a video from a previous version:

I am off to work…sorry for the short post…but well…talk to you soon!




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