One Baby Home :)…One Baby Dead :(

27 08 2010

Yesterday was a day of baby birth and deaths in my life. In the morning, my mobile phone decided it needed to stop working :(…the screen is lighting up, but there is no image…basically y0ou have a white lit up screen but you cannot see what you are doing…it is still working…you can call, receive calls etc (if you know the number etc by heart)…Luckily Bernard gave me his old mobile phone WEEEEEE…so I still can communicate (although I have lost most of the numbers I had saved…oh well) 😦

In the morning, Romina smsd (this was before the death) saying I could collect the lappy whenever I want…so yesterday evening saw me going to wherever the place she lives is called (not certain what the name is…probably San Gwann)…and I got my new baby…WEEEEEEEEEEEEE




2 responses

28 08 2010

Condolences and Congratulations are due I guess 🙂

28 08 2010

Thank you 😀

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