The Last Day of my Life as Was!

28 08 2010

Yesterday was my last day of work at GSD!…It was a bittersweet thing…although I am happy I am leaving, excited about the new projects etc etc, I know I will be leaving some good friends behind, and I really hope we manage to keep in touch :). So, what did yesterday consist of?…Well at work I admittedly did not do much actual work…although I did some…especially since Anna (the Customer Care Personnel, who falls under our department) is off sick…so I had to take over some of her responsibilites…but Oh Well!…I also went round bearing chocolates…I found these Cadbury Goody Bags, which were really good, as different people take whatever they like 😀

Cadbury Goody Bay

Cadbury Goody Bay

Like this, I could go round the company and talk and thank the people who mattered most during my time at GSD. I also sent special thanks to my first manager at the company, Ruth, and the Operations Manager Peter. I really appreciate all they have done for me and I have learnt a lot from them 😀 . I also got to meet up with the General Manager, and we had a small chat. She seemed very interested in all I will be doing, and has asked me to keep in touch. She also gave me a pen WEEEE!!

After saying my goodbyes, I left to go home, and prepared for yesterday’s evening BBQ. Since Bernard is at Kamp Sajf, he could not come with me to the BBQ. Whilst preparing, I asked mum whether she wanted that we go swimming and then go to the BBQ together…so off we went. It was a great evening…a group of good friends, chatting and having fun and EATING!…As soon as we were ready to leave, Peter called that he is coming over (he told us he is coming late…it was just past midnight I think hihi)…so we waited until he came, and we talked for a bit…he said he wanted to make sure I am leaving and that next week I go to visit the beautiful Danish country!

Then off home and SLEEP till this morning, when I woke up feeling a bit sick…sore throat etc…but nothing too bad I hope.




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8 09 2010
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