Why oh Why!

29 08 2010

Why is it, that now that I am off work, and have a holiday planned next week, my immune system decided it needs a break. Yesterday I woke up feeling poorly…my throat was sore, and had a low grade fever all day :(…please note that I just went to the doctor two weeks ago, and finished the course of antibiotics he had given me last Thursday :@. Well, I called my doctor, and he gave me some more antibiotics (hope they will help). Today I woke up still with the slight fever. Took my antibiotics, a panadol, and tried to relax a bit. Now a few mins ago, my bowel movements decided they wanted to participate in this malady. AAAAAAAAAA….Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, I have a flight to Denmark. Me and mum are going to visit my sister’s boyfriend’s parents, and also have some time in Copenhagen. I did not want to be sick…but with the low grade fever and sore throat I think I could manage. However, this new development is making me worried…I have a 3hours 15mins flight, and I want no surprises….Let us see how it goes šŸ˜€

Wish me luck!




4 responses

29 08 2010

Ryanair still has toilets šŸ˜›

29 08 2010

Thanks…that is the plan…I will take an aisle seat this time (generally I prefer the Window seat haha)

29 08 2010

and eat nothing at all, just in case. Also, at worse you can call your doctor: my neighbour once got a gastric flu 2 hours before her flight and the doctor gave her something which stopped all her bowel movements šŸ™‚ good luck and enjoy your holiday šŸ™‚

29 08 2010

Thanks…bit late though…not going to call my doctor at 5am tomorrow morning aaaaaaaaa….but have ate the midday meal, a snack, and now tonight had dinner…till now all seems OK…worst case scenario…no breakfast tomorrow haha

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