Denmark Day 1

30 08 2010

This morning (bright and early at 5:15am) Bernard came over to our house to pick me and mum up, and off we went to the airport to get a 6:30am flight top Billund. We managed to make it on time (got the Emergency Exit Seats…we were some of the first people from the non-priority queue) and off we left on a pretty uneventful flight.

We landed on time (dodorodododo…this is another ontime flight with Ryanair hihi) and met Ann, Michael and his parents at the airport. We left Billund and made our way to Odder, to visit Michael’s sister Majbrit and her newborn baby Mai (it was the first time Michael saw her too 🙂 ). There we had lunch…smørrebrød…the traditional Danish open sandwiches…and chatted. The sandwiches were not too bad, actually quite good.

Once Michael’s other nephew, Magnus, came home from school, we then left (me, Ann, Michael, mum, Michael’s parents and Magnus) to go to the Marselisborg Dyreave (Deer Park). There we fed the deer carrots. They come to eat from your hand and were soooo cute :D. After this we went down to the beach nearby and skipped rocks.

We then made our way back to Odder, where we left Magnus at home, and then started our way to Toftlund…Michael’s parents’ house. We have now arrived, and me and mum chose our room (we have separate rooms….and Ann and Michael get to stay at the neighbours’ haha). We got a tour of the house (VERRRRY NICE) and now are waiting for dinner to be ready.

I will hopefully be able to update you with photos soon…I should be getting a camera tomorrow…Ann brought her old one to give to me…but it has no batteries…so tomorrow will go buy batteries….But Maichael’s father took plenty…

Off to eat




3 responses

31 08 2010

hope you have xeba pics tad deer 🙂

1 09 2010

Hey Mar…andna pics…ima jdumu ma jitilaw hehe…ax edin and Michael…umbad nurihomlok hihi

8 09 2010

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