Denmark Day 2

1 09 2010

Yesterday I included a link…you can enter the link and it joins to a map of the places we are visiting…it is being updated constantly…

So…what have I been up to in the past 2 days? We have been driving around and seeing some really beautiful places. It is great to be out in the countryside and seeing the great outdoors. Yesterday morning (after a big breakfast) we went to a Cow Farm in the vicinity. Michael’s father works with a company and his job is to install heat time sensors for cows. So he knows the farms in the vicinity. We got to see the cows (including 1 day old cows), saw the robot milking the cows, saw pregnant cows, saw one of his father’s colleagues inseminate a cow, got suckled by a cow and enjoyed ourselves 🙂 We then had a picnic lunch at the farm and drank fresh cow milk 🙂

The Cow Farm

The Cow Farm

After this we drove through Logumkloster, where we saw a nice cloister and then went to det Gamle Apothek where there are many decorations and items to see. This was followed by a visit to Schakenborg Castle, where the Danish Prince (second son) lives….we just saw this from the outside and after a 10minute walk we moved on….To Højer Dyke and the nearby marshes.

Schackenborg Castle

Schackenborg Castle

After this….Rømø…This is an island in Denmark….we went to the Sandy Beach, had a dip (OK we wet our feet) in the Wadden Sea, did circles in the sand with the car (Michael’s dad is a big boy), saw the kites, and went to Lakolk, where we had a hot chocolate and did some shopping.

Rømø Beach

Rømø Beach

Rømø was followed by Ribe…Denmark’s oldest town. We walked around the city, had dinner in this really beautiful restaurant and went around with the night-watchman on his tour of the city.

At this point around 9pm) we were knackered, so we went back to Tøftlund and after some chatting…SLEPT!




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8 09 2010

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