Denmark Day 3

1 09 2010

So…this is what we did today (and what we will be doing later). You might ask why am I blogging in the middle of the day when I am on holiday. Well tonight we are leaving Michael’s parents’ house in Tøftlund and going to Copenhagen for the remainder of the trip till Saturday. So we should be packing, relaxing etc.

However this morning we did do a number of activities…after breakfast we left to go to Tørning Mølle. This is a mill surrounded by beautiful scenery and a park. We stopped there and crossed the park to the other side (around 45min walk or so, along the canal). Michael’s dad took the car to the other end and met us there with a picnic…weeeeeeee so we did not have to go walk back.

Tørning Mølle

Tørning Mølle

After the picnic lunch we proceeded to go to Haderslev where we visited the Cathedra, walked around the place next to the lake, and then went to the Archaeology Museum.The inner part was not so nice for me, because most of the details were in Danish (some had Engglish but it was not really organised as to what had English and what did not…it seems like a hodge podge of things). On the outside they had a couple of typical Danish houses, where you could go inside and see them from the insider and see how people lived. This was really nice and cool 🙂

Haderslev Cathedral

Haderslev Cathedral

After Haderslev we came back to Tøftlund, had a snack and will soon be eating an early dinner and go to Copenhagen. Ann and Michael are checking what we could do in Copenhagen etc etc, and at around 7pm we leave by train to Copenhagen.

At Copenhagen Ann and Michael will be staying with friends, whilst me and mum will be at a Bed and Breakfast. Not sure if I have internet access…so the next update is probably on Sunday!




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6 09 2010
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8 09 2010

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