Denmark Day 4: Copenhagen

6 09 2010

Have now been back in Malta for a day…so it is high time I blog about the last part of our Denmark Trip. At the end of Day 3 we made our way to Copenhagen. We arrived late at night, and made our way to our Bed and Breakfast. Michael and Ann helped us settle in (mainly helped with communication with the host) and they left to Michael’s friend with whom they were staying. The B&B was located in a very central location, such that we walked to most places…so no complaints there. The room was very big and comforatble…although it could use with a decor update. But who am I to complain!

Thursday dawned our first day in Copenhagen. We were excited to see the sights. However the weather was not that good…hmpfff…We had a grumpy Michael and made our way to the National Museum of Denmark. We visited the prehistoric display and then made our way to the Guided tour in English of ‘Who are the Danes – from absolute monarchs to the modern welfare state’. This museum is really worth visiting…it is fully explained (also in English wippiee), and the tour really gives a good alternative way to see the museum. After the tour we planned to keep going around the see the other exhibits. However as soon as we entered the foyer we saw that the sun was shining. Michael suddenly brightened up and we decided to leave the museum to enjoy Copenhagen in the sun. We went to eat a Danish hotdog and then went on a Canal tour.

Danish Hot Dog

Danish Hot Dog

At the end of the trip, I think we all agreed that this Canal Tour is the most worth it thing to do on a nice day in Copenhagen. It costs around 4Euros, and you have an hour of going through the Copenhagen Canals with a tour guide. We were all very sceptical about doing this (except MIchael who had gone on before), but it was really worth it. Especially with the sun shining.

The Canal Trip

The Canal Trip

After the canal tour we walked over to Christiania, which is a sort of large commune. There are some seedy characters around…but they do not bother you and it is a truly beautiful place.  

We then caught the metro back to Fredericksberg where we went to the park. Michael then left to meet up with his friend at whose place Ann and Michael were staying to cook dinner, since we were all invited over that night. Ann, mum and myself just sat on the grass and rested for about 1.5hours (the time flew by) and then made our way to Mikkel’s place. We watched some TV and surfed the net whilst they cooked. Dinner was Mouthwatering…first plate was a beef carpaccio with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and a bed of rocket. This was followed by Spicy chicken with Garam Masala Rice mmmmmmmmmm.

After dinner…and LOTS of chatting, we then went on to Mikkel’s favourite part I am sure. He had been telling us about it all night…SING STAR! We competed against each other. Some were surprisingly good. But I can honestly say that the worst one that came out was Michael and my rendition of Virtual insanity by Jamiroquai. AAAAAAAAAAA! But it was pretty good fun. Mum and myself then made our way to our B&B whilst Michael, Ann and Mikkel kept on singing the night away I have been told.




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