Denmark Day 5: Copenhagen

6 09 2010
Day 5 dawned and Copenhagen it was again…weeeee. It was another beautiful day (we had a happy Michael again…and we did not complain at all). We walked around, visited the round tower (including climbing up to the top) and the Museum of the Resistance. Unfortunately we only had around 20mins to see the Museum of the Resistance…however it is really good…I managed to see the first room really well, then sprinted through the rest. Would love to go back there again.
Ann , Michael and Mum at the Top of The Round Tower

Ann , Michael and Mum at the Top of The Round Tower

Then we went to see the changing of the guard, which was followed by a visit to Rosenborg Castle. The last is one of the least worth things to do in Copenhagen…it costs 75kr (around 10Euro) to go into the palace, and walk around. There is barely any explanation (you get an A4 sheet with just 1 sentence on each room…the exhibits have no explanations)…so a nice place…but certainly not worth it…considering the other options you can take on in Copenhagen.

Changing of the Guards

Changing of the Guards

After Rosenborg Castle we went to the Museum of Copenhagen…since it was a Friday entrance was free…WIPPIE!!…however the approx 2.5Eur entrance free would still be worth the visit I think. There is not much to see. But everything is well explained and it is interesting to see the way Copenhagen developed. After the Museum, we had something to drink opposite, where I had my first taste of Hyldeblomst…and elderberry drink…MMMMMMMM…it was really good. After this stop, Michael made his way to an IT meeting thingy he had whilst Ann, Mum and myself made our way to Tivoli Garden. We walked around, but did not really know what to do with ourselves. So we stopped to have something to eat (dinner) and then went to watch the show…Carmen…it was a sort of ballet thingy. At this point Michael came over…and he was APPALLED that we had not done anything…but there was too much to do and we did not know what…so he took us round again (WEEEE), we played a game, and saw the below…this pic is for you bee 😀

I Love You lollipops

I Love You lollipops

We then went to have a coffee (Hyldeblomst for me weee) and then went to the Friday Rock Concert…Big Fat Snake were playing…Michael said they are very famous in Denmark, although I had never heard of them :S…but he said they are a sort of the Danish Bon Jovi…and I totally agree. From their name I was expecting a hard rock band or something…but they were really really good…what’s more…they sang in English and you could actually understand each word…I really like these guys…even mum enjoyed them…bdw I think the lead singer looks like David Hassellhof hihi. This is one of their more famous songs…it is an old video…but quite good.

After Big Fat Snake we watched the night light show over the pond, and then off home to sleep…Another Day was Over 😦




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