Denmark Day 6: Copenhagen and Home :(

6 09 2010
The last day of our trip had arrived :(…Michael and Ann came over in the morning with pastries for Breakfast MMMMM…then we went to the main Copenhagen Shopping street…we are not big shopping people, but we walked around and bought some small things…then it was back to the B&B…we took our things from the B&B (at 12:05…we were supposed to leave by 12:00..oops…but no worries), had a French Hot Dog, and then me and mum said our good byes to Ann and Michael and left to the airport. At the airport, mum checked in and made her way to security. My plane was leaving around 2hours after mum’s, so I then checked in and made my way through security. My gate was not yet called, so I made my way to mum’s gate, went around the shops a bit, then when mum started boarding I left to find a place where I could sit and read, till my gate was called.
2 Plane rides after (Copenhagen-Munich, Munich-Malta), and I arrived in Malta. Bernard was there to pick me up (WEEEEE), and off home we went. We then went for a short walk to the Zurrieq festa then SLEEP!
Our Denmark trip was over 😦



2 responses

7 09 2010

hi cecilia…welcome back 🙂

glad you enjoyed your holiday..we ll meet up soon..when are you off next?


7 09 2010

Hey Ruth…thanks for the message…I am in Malta till Sunday 19th…then back in Malta from Saturday 25th-Thursday 30th…can meet up nearly any time…:D

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