After Denmark…Now What?

8 09 2010

Well, as you already know, I have now stopped working, and therefore am not that busy since I came back from the Denmark trip. However, next Monday I have my masters’ viva, so I should be preparing myself for it. Therefore my time is divided between reading my thesis and relaxing. I had submitted my thesis a few months ago (2.5months or so), and therefore I need to read it all again to make sure I remember what I had written. It is frustrating knowing that I knew all of this stuff, but now a lot has slipped out of my mind. In addition, I am finding a number of mistakes…silly mistakes e.g. an extra word somewhere or a missing word or comma here or there…nothing major, but frustrating nonetheless. Yesterday I therefore went up to Uni to ask a girl who works as a research assistant, and she suggested doing an errata corrige sheet, where I list these small errors to show to the examiners once I go in…will try that and see how it goes.

The plan for the next few days?…Finish reading my thesis…and relax a bit more…WEEEEEEEE




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