14 09 2010

Bday part 2: Rockestra on Saturday 11th at night. This is a concert by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, with all proceeds going to the Malta Community Chest Fund and it is now in its second year.

Last year it fell on my birthday, and we had really enjoyed ourselves. It was something unbelievable. I looove listening to orchestras (or any ensemble for that matter), since I love how the different instruments come together to make up one coherent piece of music. However I do not have the patience to listen to long winded slow pieces of music…so any events like this I cannot wait to go. Luckily Bernard likes them too and comes with me :D…Even when there are concerts such as Voices, I love staying where I can see the musicians (i.e. generally upfront). Well, here is my favourite song from last year, and you can see the sort of experience it was last year, and why I definitely wanted to go back:

This year we got 2 of our friends (Julian and Christine) to come with us. My mum also came, cos we know she likes this sort of things and it would be a great night! We were not disappointed. Just like last year we managed to be right at the front (we had standing tickets so no set place to stay). I think standing is the way to go to this concert…there are seated tickets…but they are way at the back…and I find that standing up you can get into the music more. I cannot remember everything there was, but some of my favourite moments were undoubtedly the inclusion of Maltese songs. It is great to have so many people singing together. Here is one of those songs:

My friend Dorothy Bezzina also sang…and as usual she was impeccable…no video of her performance is yet online…hope one comes up and I will share it with you. A great evening all in all (I also got to meet Bee’s sister’s boyfriend for the first time haha :D…weeeeeeeeee). I hope that next year I will be in Malta for this concert…cannot wait!




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16 09 2010
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