Preparation in full swing!

27 09 2010

My departure to Dublin is fast approaching…in 3 days’ time I will be on the plane there 😀 Even though I have known for some time I have to leave, it is only now that I came back from Strasbourg that it is finally hitting me. This is likely due to the fact that I am currently letting go of my old life and preparing for the new. Today I went to Uni and threw away all my master’s degree samples, I also gave a soft copy of my thesis with changes with my tutor, went to buy a big sister for my luggage (till now I rarely needed much luggage…and my hand luggage was what I used…whether I put it in the hold or as a hand luggage…but this time I need to use maximum space and weight allowance, so I bought my hand luggage’s bigger sister) and I also bought some reading books to take up with me, just in case I cannot use the public library immediately. Last Saturday I also bought sheets (these are not provided by the residence), new toothbrush etc. I hope I do not forget anything behind…but anyways I can always buy from there 😀

However no packing has actually occurred yet…I am a last-minute packer…knowing that this time it is for quite some time…I will probably pack the day before…but that is all 😀




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