The end of an era

29 09 2010

My life in Malta is coming to an end. In 24hours I will be on a plane taking me to Dublin, to start a new life. These past few days have certainly been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I have just printed my master’s dissertation and took it to be hard bound this morning and today I have also packed most of my stuff for tomorrow. Just the last few finishing touches to go. I feel alternatively happy and confident that all will be well, or deep in sad land where I am apprehensive of everything. Using my rational mind I know I can do this, I will make the best of the coming three years and I will make friends (by making an effort) and will not feel lonely. I have a great support system situated all around Europe: Malta, London, Finland (and sometimes even farther away)…and I am sure I will build a support system in Dublin. Other times all my doubts come tumbling in and I am a panicked deer in the headlights.

Think of me…





One response

29 09 2010

**HUG** to Cecilia!

You’ll be fine :). You can only pop over to see me if needs be ;).

Don’t stress too much :).

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