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1 10 2010

The special person is now online 😛 Hehe
You’d better start using the books! Get yourself out of your room, and into Dublin, and further into Ireland! And when at home try and be a bit original with what you cook 😛 YOu have a cookbook now 😀

1 10 2010

Yes, he is online now…I am chatting with the person now 🙂

Making plans to go out this weekend 🙂

2 10 2010

Hello! That sounds lovely. What’s your PhD in? Dublin’s a lovely city.

2 10 2010

Hello, thank you for your kind message. My PhD is in environmental science. Are you a PhD student?…are you living in Dublin?

12 10 2010

I’m afraid not! I trained as a teacher after my BA, now working in publishing. I’m considering taking my MA part time and then who knows? Trouble is finding a decent long-distance part-time MA which meets what I’m looking for. I might just go OU since it’s what they specialise it.

3 10 2010
My PhD and my Blog :) | My Commentary…

[…] say. However, next Monday (tomorrow ), I should be getting the first details of my project. Last Friday, all I did was mainly administrative stuff. I still have some more such stuff to do. However, I […]

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