2 10 2010

OK…so weekends where what I was most scared of coming up to Dublin. You have nowhere you actually have to be, and you can plan anything you want. And yes, that might not be such a good thing when you are in a foreign country and know no one. But day 1 of weekend 1 has come and nearly gone and I can actually say I enjoyed myself. The day flew by :). This morning I ran a number of errands (bought a duvet, pillows and a mobile phone)…WIPPIE!…no more using a bunch of clothes as a pillow and my coat as a duvet :). I also learnt all about togs hihi…I now have a 13.5 tog Duvet…hope it is fine.

 After lunch, however I had something I was most looking forward too. My sister had suggested (insisted?), I go into the website and join in. This website is basically a list of groups, which you can search, join and then receive details of meetups. I joined a couple, and have been receiving invites for a couple of weeks to just get a feel of what is organised. Last week I flagged one which I though was interesting…it was a Coffee and Cake activity, organised by the New and Not so New to Dublin meetup group. It was scheduled for 3pm at Milk and Honey Cafe. I made my way there, and was immediately welcomed by the host Pasquale.

I spent a truly enjoyable 3 hours with these people, chatting about everything and getting to know each other (I also had a delicious hot chocolate). It feels great to meet up with other people. Most are foreigners, although some have been living in Dublin for years…the most I think was one lady living in Dublin for the past 11 years. I think I took the honours of having been in Dublin for the shortest period of time…2 days. One other girls was pretty close at 3 days hihi.

I also learnt that another Maltese girl is active in the group. However she was not present today. I hope to meet up soon with her, cos it is always nice to meet Maltese people. I really enjoyed myself, and look forward to attending other meetups with this group. Today we were around 30people, and this activity happens every week. So I will certainly be back. They also meet up every Monday for drinks…but will need to see the details for that, cos it depends on when I finish Uni, and what is up. I already have something in my calendar for Monday :).

Yeah, I have now set up a google calendar, so that I could insert all the activities in Dublin I come across. Then on the day (or some time before), I can choose what to do. I have a number of recurring events included, particularly during the weekend. Which is great (or grand…as all the Irish say…yes here EVERYTHING is grand hihi), as I know that every weekend I can find things to do.




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3 10 2010

That’s grand(?). Hehe
And I did NOT insist – I (very) strongly suggested till you did it 😛

3 10 2010

Ur becoming Irish already, without even setting foot on this soil…That’s grand 😛
Oki OKi…u did not insist (heqq hmmm)

16 10 2010
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30 10 2010
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