Dating in Ireland!

4 10 2010

Yeps….yesterday was a day where I delved into dating in Ireland. But do not worry…I did not actually date…I have not forgotten I have got someone back home waiting for me :). Last Friday whilst going round campus, I saw these posters saying: Free Tickets for Students for ‘Take Me out‘. I had no idea what it is, but went along and asked about it. They told me it is a dating show and you get to be in the audience (apparently it is very big in the UK and they are starting out this year with an Irish version). They have been filming the whole season since last Monday, and the last episodes will be filmed today. I asked about being put down for Sunday’s show and they said OK…so there I went.

So at 1pm off I went to the Helix (DCU’s theatre space), got my ticket and waited to be ushered in. The show was presented by Ray Foley, a well known Irish presenter (not to me but anyways). I really enjoyed myself. Some of the girls and guys (there are 30girls and 1 guy each time, with 4 guys in each episode) were positively crazy. I laughed my head off. Most of the girls said whatever came to their head. They could buzz off the guy just because they do not like his shoes, or even more often cos they understood incorrectly what he said. Ray knew all their personalities and played up to that. Which was great, cos he said very little, but he got the girls to talk and be comfortable. The guys were from a whole different spectrum. From one guy to the next you could see that the show is trying to introduce some variety.

This is one of the UK episodes I found on youtube. I think the Irish version is slightly less crazy:

In yesterday’s episode one of the guy even went back home without a date :(. Apparently the Irish girls do not take kindly to guys living at home (most Maltese guys will be dateless if that is the case). I enjoyed myself so much that when they finished filming the first episode, they said whoever wants can go get more tickets for the next episode. So off I went and got a seat for the second show. In the queue to enter I was standing behind one of the participant’s sister. We chatted, and then entered. This time I got really good seats, right up in front. And the sister…GOT A DATE weeeeee.

Unfortunately in the middle of the second episode I had to leave :(. Because I had planned to go to the youth mass in the vicinity at 6:30pm (I had been at the show since 1pm). However I really had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.





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