Attacked to the Core!

5 10 2010

Today I finally did what I have been saying I want to do since the day I visited the University once I come here. I joined the gym! The gym at DCU has got a fitness centre, a swimming pool, sauna etc etc. It is quite impressive…it impressed not only me it seems, because it has just been named Sports Centre of the Year for the second year running, by the Excellence Ireland Quality Association. I joined this evening and went straight in. The first mistake I did was that after quite some time of laziness (ever since I stopped handball and softball training just before summer when the season ended) I decided to do a class. I saw the Core Attack class on and had decided to do that, since it was at a convenient time. I had been informed this morning that it is a hard class. But well, I always pretty much do whatever anyways. So in I went. I certainly did not perform well during the class. It was a sort of circuit training where you move from station to station. Unfortunately most of it was related to upper body strength…of which I have NONE! I am much better with leg exercise…but when it comes to push ups and the sort…aaaaaaaa.

The class was only 30 minutes long (sounds pathetic I know). It went by pretty fast…but I now need a deep, relaxing massage. Cannot wait to have a long hot shower before I sleep. I still need to be up and ready for tomorrow. Cos the plan is to go back to the gym tomorrow (maybe I will use the pool and swim???)…will see, cos at 6pm I have an activity by the BRS (Biological Research Society) at DCU, which I would like to go to.

I am not picky...someone like this would do!

I am not picky...someone like this would do!




2 responses

6 10 2010

Haha – glad to hear you finally joined the gym – even though your body doesn’t sound as glad 😛

6 10 2010

Nopes…not happy at all 🙂

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