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8 10 2010

Sorry for staying away for some time, but I have been quite busy. Wednesday saw me going to the DCU Biological Research Society Meet and Greet for fourth year students. This involves all the lecturers in the department (and a couple of lecturers represented by their postgrad students), presenting to the fourth year students their research interests. This is because the students will soon have to choose a fourth year project. They will then spend 9 weeks or so in the particular lab of the particular lecturer doing research. It was great fun. Some of the presentations were really entertaining (including that for our lab…although that was entertaining for all the wrong reasons…but GOOD JOB I must say to the presenter).

Yesterday after Uni, I rushed home, went to a spinning class (my butt is unhappy, but anyways), and then went to IKEA with Ross, a lab mate who just started the second year of his PhD. He has a car, so that can be quite handy. Although I did not buy much.

A Male Version of me Spinning

A Male Version of me Spinning

PhD research work is going OK. I wish to increase the momentum, but hopefully it is building. I have the same problem as always that I can work quite OK in the morning. But once the afternoon comes in I start dwindling. Well, anyways work has to be done. And it will be done. Yesterday, I had my first lab meeting. This is held every week (or so), and we have to present what we had done in the previous weeks and the plan for the next. I had been asked to present about what my project is. I think I did OK, although I blanked out a bit. At one point one of my supervisors asked me to explain what is being shown on the x-axis. And I happily plodded to the y-axis. He said…that is the y-axis…I said x-axis. But anyways. Hopefully things will improve 🙂




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9 10 2010

What were the wrong reasons? 😉

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