Bowling etc

13 10 2010

Yesterday after Uni I went bowling with a group from the OLV 630 Gospel Mass group. The others had choir rehearsal at 7-8pm, then off we went to the Coolock bowling alley in the Leisureplex. I got to meet some more people from the choir and they all seem to be really really nice. I had a great time…I also won (draw in 1st with another girl….weee heee)…I actually did quite well and I surprised myself (and the others hihi).

After bowling, some of us went to a pub close by to where I am staying. We only had one drink, but we stayed there for about 1.5hours chatting away. After that, Colette, one of the main people who organises the reading etc took me home. It was around 12:30am at this point. However we really had loads of fun. They are a really nice group of people, who try to include you and will come up to you to chat. I also like that you can have actual conversations with them (at least the people I had a good chat with), rather than chatting about superficial stupid stuff. Most of them are students or professional people, and so they go through very similar experiences every day. So it was a success overall.

I will now meet them next Sunday for mass…weeee.




2 responses

13 10 2010

Weee – glad you’re making friends (and ones you can have conversations with :P)

14 10 2010

Such people are few and far between, especially in Malta :p x

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