More Maltese in Dublin!

30 10 2010

A few days after I arrived in Dublin, I received an email from a guy I went to Uni with back in Malta, saying that he is moving to Dublin to start a PhD (UCD unfortunately not DCU), and that he had heard rumours that I had moved there. Apparently the HR guy from where I worked before knew him cos they are both Gozitan, and they just met randomly and got to know.

I was delighted. However I had not heard much about when he was coming exactly etc. Earlier on in the week I emailed him and he told me he had just arrived in Dublin with his parents who were helping him to settle down. After a couple of other emails, we decided to meet up today since his parents left early this morning. On Saturdays I generally attend the Coffee and Cake Meetup for the New and Not so New in Dublin, whenever I have nothing else I have to go to. Therefore I invited him along, and he agreed. I think it is great because like this he can also meet other people.

We met around 2 hours before and we proceeded to walk across town (whilst chatting away in Maltese). We arrived at the cafe early (of course) and had some coffee and cake together, until the other people came along. I really enjoyed my time with him (and the others). It is good to catch up and it seems that we are going through the same process. We both applied to various PhDs, then got accepted for some, then as the time came close, we got scared and started having crazy thought about going to the easy work life, but now we are here. Excited (but scared), and waiting to get on with it. We both seem to have the same philosophy as regards the PhD, so the discussion was good. It is also good to know that there is someone you know who will probably be here for the whole 3 or so years I will be doing my PhD. Although we live far away (across the city)…so around 1 hour by bus I would think…it is good to know that if the worse come to the worse you can contact him 🙂

I had a great time today. The Meetup was great as always (although the number of people who came was limited…probably due to a Halloween party being held tonight by the same Meetup group)…and I had a great time with George. Looking forward to our next meeting…maybe next week’s coffee and cake?




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19 12 2010
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