1 11 2010

Autumn is here (and nearly over) here in Ireland. In Malta we do not really get this season, at least in the traditional sense…we do not have many trees which shed their leaves. Therefore the image of autumn of browning leaves and leaf fall are just something which happened to everyone else, but not something we experience.

In Ireland this is certainly not the case. Ever since I arrived here, a bit more than 1 month ago (aaaa yes a month already), the leaves on the trees have been changing colour slowly. By now most of the leaves are shed. I loved the way the colours changed. The road in front of my residence has trees all along it, so I have been monitoring the change. They are not yet completely bare…but I guess they will soon be 😦

I love this feeling of autumn…what I do not like about autumn here? Well the tree leaves fall, and the rain falls and the ground turns into a squidgy mess I must walk through every morning and every night…no other complaints though…at least for now 🙂




3 responses

1 11 2010

Yeps I like autumn too here…except the squidgy leaves 🙂

2 11 2010

I like Maltese autumn, except for the sticky humid weather ^^

2 11 2010

I love the autumn colours here!

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