Coffee Morning :)

12 11 2010

Every week, the research students and staff at the School of Biotechnology have a coffee morning. This is organised by each research group in turn, and held on alternate Weds and Fridays. It is really a nice way to get to know other people and meet in an informal way, even if you tend to stay with your own group.

This week it was our research group’s turn. So Ross and myself (the others did not really bother) went shopping yesterday for goodies. We went to Tesco and bought the goodness of Tesco Value :)…Ross was worried that we might not have enough, but I was quite confident that we had enough. Today saw us going up to the room a bit earlier to lay out the food (biscuits, cakes etc) and prepare the coffee. Once the food was laid out, we noticed that we did indeed have quite a lot of food, and in fact only opened around half of the stuff.

11am came and no one came to the room :(…but by 11:05am the first people started arriving. Everyone seemed to congratulate us on the food, and asked us if we baked it ourselves hihi. The coffee morning was a success I think…we also got to take most of the food back. Ross is keeping it for the next coffee morning by our group. But I took a packet of bourbon biscuits mmmmm…I had the first few with my hot chocolate today WIPPIE!!! YUM YUM!




One response

15 11 2010

Next time play some tombola, just like the good old Maltese way :p x

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