New Girl

12 11 2010

WEEEE…I am no longer the new girl in the lab. Yesterday, another PhD student who will be working in the same research group started her PhD life. She is also on the ATWARM project, and should have started on the same day I did. However, since she is not from the EU she had to contend with all the Visa issues, and it was finally issued last week. She quickly made arrangements and arrived in Ireland Wednesday night.

I met her for the first time yesterday, when she came to the lab. Her husband moved to Ireland with her, and I also got to meet him. They had some time before they needed to meet the supervisor, so I took them around a bit the Uni to try to get some things sorted, and had some lunch. This girl is really gorgeous and really nice. She thinks her English is not so good, but I think it is great, even more so when I got to know that she has not had an English lesson in her life and learnt the language on her own…u go girl 🙂

It is good to have another girl in the lab as well, since the only other girl is leaving soon (she should be giving in her thesis soon…so good to have another girl…especially being someone who will be here for the full 3 years. But she seems to be really advanced having done her MSc on a similar subject to her PhD. But she is nice…her husband too 🙂




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