5 12 2010

Finally, I have sat down to write my blog posts as promised…do not worry…I am not too busy having had a long weekend…it was more a question of wanting to finish the Grey’s anatomy series (which I now did). Well, first up BELFAST! You can read more about the meeting as such on my research blog.

I really enjoyed myself in Belfast. I got to go up by car with Ross and Nora, 2 people from DCU who were going up for the first part of the meeting and we managed to arrive at the hotel successfully (bar a short detour at the beginning, but Oh Well…overall things went well). I have not seen such a big room in a hotel for ages…OK I have only seen such big rooms when I worked in a 5 star hotel in Malta :). I had a big TV, coffee-making facilities and all the stuff you want and 2 big beds :).

However we were hungry when we arrived, so off to dinner we went. Nora had been given the job of looking up places to eat before we left Dublin and she had seen a Thai restaurant place online: Bo Tree. I have not had Thai food, but what the heck…here we go. I must say I was not disappointed. The food was great…even the wine we chose was really delicious (I am not a fan of most wines but I could glug this one down), and the company was really good. My main highlight of the night…my main course:

Bo Tree Special Fried Rice
Special fried rice with king prawns, chicken, beef, pineapple, spring onions and raisins, served in a pineapple.

I was curious to see what this brings with it, and here it is.

Bo Tree Special

Bo Tree Special

I was positively stuffed, but oh was it delicious. After that is was back to the hotel, where we met with two other people from DCU who came to the meeting. I had never seen them before, but they were really nice (and I got some good news from one of them…so who am I to complain 🙂 ).

The next morning we woke up to an Irish bfast (what a change from Fruit ‘n Fibre with milk I usually have) then off to the QUESTOR meeting. I really enjoyed the day, but more about that in my research blog. It did not take long and at about 1:30pm we were free to leave. Ross and Nora’s adventure in Belfast was over, but the other ATWARM people from DCU were coming up, so I messaged Monika and she called as soon as they arrived in Belfast.

We chatted a bit then went down to meet the others for dinner. I  was expecting dinner to be herself, the other ATWARM people and myself. But it seems it was a DCU effort, with my supervisor, their supervisors etc joining (we were a total of 8 haha so not that many people). One of the supervisors is from Belfast so he suggested where we could go, and since it was raining we got a taxi (the perks of being with the higher echelons of society). We went to this gorgeous pub (do not know its name sorry) and had dinner (to be paid from some account somewhere…no complaints).

After dinner it was back to the hotel, where I practiced my presentation for the next day’s meeting and went to sleep. the next day was the big day…my first PhD presentation, and also we got to meet the other ATWARM students.

Fellows Group

Fellows Group

Overall the day went really well…the people are really nice, my presentation went well (overall), got to discuss my project with some people etc. Then it was time to go back home. I got the train down with the Scientist in charge of the project at DCU. The train ride was interesting to say the least…with wrong stops, bowel movements and lots of discussions about everything (including my project…it was good to get the perspective of someone else).

Alas, back in Dublin we were and I made my way home to unpack, and repack to start the next part of my trip!




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13 05 2011
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